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Thousands of people suffer from motorcycle accidents every year. Because motorcycles don’t offer as much protection as a car does, you’re more likely to sustain a severe injury due to the negligence of other drivers around you.

We are proud to offer the best in motorcycle personal injury lawyers. Our extensive history in securing high compensations speaks for itself. For us, your accident is personal, and we are always prepared to fight for justice. 

Our team is composed of legal professionals proficient across motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, slip and falls, brain injuries, wrongful death, and more. We have experience in a multitude of unique situations, supporting financial compensation within all types of personal injury cases. 

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Motorcycle Injury Attorney: Best Accident Lawyers

The legal side of any kind of automobile accident can be confusing and intimidating. That’s why we recommend calling us right away for advice and expertise. Following a motorcycle accident, you should contact our motorcycle injury law firm and find out what we can do for you. 

When we look into your case, we consider all of the details in order to help you receive the best possible compensation – or to fight a charge from an insurance company or an unfair settlement.

We use the best of our professional resources to conduct a comprehensive investigation and collect all the necessary information. This includes speaking to any witnesses that were on the scene, reviewing police and medical records, and looking at any photos taken of the accident location. 

Additionally, we dive deeper to consult with experts for valuable opinions. We will collect any available security footage that may have captured the accident and even look into things like motorcycle manufacturer negligence and the driving history of the other motorist involved. 

In many cases, instances of an individual’s negligence can be identified as the cause of the accident. For example, a driver texting or talking on the phone can be used to prove the fault of the accident. Likewise, a drunk driver is also a legitimate form of negligence, which can bolster the need for a case and settlement. 

Best of all, we will serve as a professional liaison with your insurance company, ensuring that we can negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. With our experience and expertise, we can prevent an insurance company from taking advantage of you and trying to cheat you with a minimal payout – or none at all.

After examining all of the details, factors, and information, our attorneys can come up with a realistic idea of the financial compensation you are entitled to. Because we have collected things like evidence, reports, and expert opinions, we can back our claims and actively negotiate your settlement on your behalf. 

Plus, once we deliver our proposed settlement to you, you can decide if it’s worth going ahead with your case or not based on your potential compensation. 

When to Get Lawyers for an Accident Case

As soon as you file a claim with your insurance company, that company’s team of corporate lawyers begin to review and analyze your request. This can leave the situation a little unbalanced, as they have the experts on their side.

For this reason, many people like to hire a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. In doing so, you can avoid trying to negotiate with individuals who have more knowledge than you do. Instead, your lawyers can do all the talking. 

Of course, some minor accidents may not require an accident attorney at all. If the following apply to your situation, you may not need to hire an attorney:

  • There was no damage caused to your motorcycle or the vehicle of the other driver
  • The damage causes to either vehicle will be covered under insurance policies
  • Neither party sustained significant injuries
  • No one had to miss a substantial amount of work or alter their lifestyle after the accident

If the above examples are true to your situation, then it’s likely that you don’t need an accident lawyer at all. 

So, when do you need one? 

Essentially, any motorcycle accident that causes an impact more significant than that listed above could render an accident lawyer necessary – or at the very least, helpful. 

After a wreck, many people often wonder, “How do I know if I need to reach out to a motorcycle attorney near me?” If any of the following is correct in your scenario, then we highly recommend reaching out to a motorcycle personal injury lawyer: 

  • The accident causes significant injury to either party involved or caused a fatality
  • You and the other driver cannot agree who was at fault
  • Your accident involved another party, i.e., other motorists, pedestrians, etc. 
  • You are having difficulty with your insurance companies concerning your claim, or they try to connect you with their company attorney
  • You feel the accident report does not correctly represent what truly happened
  • Your accident happened in a protected area, such as a school zone 
  • You are concerned about lack of coverage, liability, or lack of insurance 

If your unique situation involves any of the above examples, you should contact a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible following your collision. The faster you get in contact with us, the more help we can deliver. 

It’s also worth it to note that if you have already begun to take legal action on your own without a lawyer, you can still call us for our professional help, and we will be happy to enter the process and help you strategize from there out. 

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What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

When you get into an accident, it’s possible to be so shaken up that you simply don’t know what steps to take next. Calling a motorcycle injury attorney will probably be the last thing on your mind. However, it’s imperative that you do things right – especially if you intend to file a claim or to negotiate a settlement. 

Stay Safe

The first and foremost thing you should do after any automobile accident is to make sure everyone is safe and out of harm’s way. This means removing any individual involved out of the road and away from damaged vehicles, if possible. 

Take caution with serious injuries. If someone is immobile, it’s usually best to leave them where they are as long as they’re not in immediate danger. Moving an injured individual could worsen their condition, especially if they have sustained a head, neck, or spine injury. 

If you can’t move everyone out of harm’s way or out of the road, try to create a roadblock using cones, flares, or warning signals if you have them. 

Call for Help

Once you have ensured everyone is as safe as possible, call 911 immediately. Doing so will alert both the police and medical professionals, along with any other emergency services deemed necessary. Wait for these emergency workers to show up before leaving the scene of the accident, as this could result in further legal ramifications. 

Keep Your Gear On

It may feel odd to stand on the side of the road with all of your riding gear on, but it’s essential that you don’t remove your helmet or anything else following an accident. These items will continue to support and protect you, so you should wait for paramedics to arrive before making any changes to your current state. 

Obtain Medical Help

Even if you feel okay and don’t believe you have any serious injuries, you should always consult a medical professional at the accident scene. While many serious injuries come with physical signs like pain, blood, and bruising, some injuries can come with less noticeable symptoms. 

It’s especially crucial to get checked out by the paramedics after a motorcycle crash. Because you are more exposed on a motorcycle than you are in a car, you have a higher risk of sustaining organ damage or even internal bleeding. Any force to your body can cause these injuries, which you won’t be able to see or identify right away. 

Collect Information

Like with car accidents, after a motorcycle accident, you need to gather some vital information from the scene and the other drivers involved. Both parties should exchange names, contact information, and the names of their insurance companies. 

If you plan on hiring an accident attorney, you should try to gather as much additional information as you possibly can. Anything other details can help your lawyer perform at his best.

Try to take pictures of the accident scene, including all damages and vehicles. When the police arrive, take note of the officers’ names and badge numbers.

If you can, try to make contact with any of the witnesses on the scene. If there are bystanders who saw the accident happen, take down their names and phone numbers so that your attorney can contact them later. 

Make sure you cooperate with both the emergency professionals and the other drivers involved in the accident. 

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